An Introduction to Riding Shows


One of the additional types of riding activities that horse riding enthusiasts can get into is the different types of riding shows. This is applicable to both English style riders and Western riders.

One of the favourite riding shows is the Dressage. In these show events, both the rider and the horse are really impressive. Spectators are in awe at what these horses are capable of. An equal amount of credit also has to go to the rider. The horse will only be as successful as what the rider commands them to be. Both horse and rider have to go through a great deal of training. Then there is ongoing practice and perfecting every move that is required in dressage.

Another event that many are passionate about is horse racing. There are different events held not only in the UK but in many other parts of the world. In the UK some of the racing events are flat racing and Steeplechase events. They both create a high level of excitement. It takes a good breed of horse to be able to participate in this type of event. It also requires a skilled rider to bring the best of the horse out.

Western riding events are comprised of many different types of activities. There is barrel racing and reining just to name a few. For the more prestigious type of western events, there are the western pleasure horse events. Many of the riding shows in the western riding industry are comprised of speed events. No matter which one is being enjoyed by horse and rider and spectators there is always a big Adrenalin rush. Safety is always the priority in any of the riding shows.