Benefits of Horse Riding for Children

There is little doubt that horse riding can be beneficial for anyone and that includes children. There are a lot of strong indicators that it is therapeutic for them. At the very least it provides the opportunity for them to get some physical exercise. There is a growing problem of obesity in children and getting them active can be a challenge especially if they are not interested in sports.

One may think that horseback riding doesn’t provide that much exercise for the rider, but they are wrong. It takes a lot of different muscle use to ride a horse properly. Then over and above this the kids are getting out and enjoying the fresh air without being bored.

Horseback riding for kids can go a long way in building their self-esteem. They take great pride in their sense of accomplishment of being able to control the horse. As they build their skills they begin to set goals for themselves which are easily attainable if they stay consistent with their riding.

Children also seem to be able to relate to the horses which is good for them on many different levels.