Horse Activities in Switzerland

For those that are going to be paying a visit to Switzerland, the many different regions have entertainment for tourists. There are also a variety of activities to be enjoyed, and one of these relates to horses.

Places to Visit in Switzerland

Within the different choices of where to visit, at the top of the list should be one of the several mountain villages that welcome travelers from all over the world. Among these, and one that is most popular is Engelberg. While many prefer a winter visit here to enjoy all the cold weather activities, this is a region that has plenty to offer through the summer months as well. In either case, because the village is growing in tourist popularity, it is essential to make hotel engelberg arrangements as soon as possible when planning on spending some time here.

Horse Activities

It may not be thought that Swiss Alps villages would be a likely place to find activities that relate to horses. But, thinking this way is wrong. There are several horse stables located in Engelberg that are open to the public and offer some exciting adventures through trail rides. Even some of the accommodation that is available in Engelberg offer this activity for their guests.

Horse and Carriage Ride

There are plenty of people who love horses but don’t feel confident about riding them. The easy solution for this is to enjoy one of the horse and carriage rides that are readily available in Engelberg. Some are offered by way of tours, meaning that those interested can see the sights of Engelberg by using a horse-drawn carriage as their mode of transportation. These tours take place both during the day, as well as night. It really adds an extra special touch to vacationing here.

Horse Breeds of Switzerland

Some countries are more well known for their breeds of horses, but for Switzerland, there are just two that are the most common. These are the Freiburger and the Swiss Warmblood. There are equine protection laws in the country to protect these horses.

  • The Freiburger: In history, this horse was used by the Swiss army. It had the responsibilities of being both a draft and a pack horse. Switzerland takes great pride in this horse breed, and there are ongoing competitions for it. This particular type of horse has gone through cross-breeding.
  • Swiss Warmblood: This breed comes from highly regarded bloodlines. For those that are into horse riding, then often their choice is the Swiss Warmblood, due to its stability and good nature.

No matter which breed of horse is going to be used in Switzerland for the many activities, tourists can count on it being an enjoyable experience.