How to Get Over the Fear of Horse Riding


There are a lot of different reasons why so many people love to horse ride. There are also several reasons why many people don’t participate in horseback riding.

One of the biggest reasons why many individuals won’t go for a horse ride is because they fear the animal itself. Usually, this is because a lot of people don’t get the exposure to this animal that they need to get to know them. That doesn’t mean that caution should always be taken when around them. But being smart and alert is different than fearing them.

First Steps
The first step to beat the fear of the horse riding is to first beat the fear of the horse itself. This is done by gradually being around the horse while there is some sort of barrier between you and the horse. Just allowing them to come to the fence and allowing you to pet them will do a lot for decreasing your anxiety.

Next Step
Start handling the horse from the ground. Leading them around and physically handling them will soon bring you great satisfaction and the intimidation that you may have felt from this animal will begin to weaken.