Tips to Prepare for Your First Horse Riding Lesson

Riding horses is ranked as one of the most exciting things to do. If you are still new to it, seek some guidance before you take your first horseback ride. You can consider getting lessons from a professional. If you want your first horse riding lesson to go smoothly, prepare for it adequately. Below are some excellent tips that can help you do that.


Make sure that you know the basics of riding a horse before you begin. How should it be done? What are the safety tips worth observing when you are close to a horse? You can also research various horse riding positions so that you know your options when you get to the field. Everything you ought to know about horse riding is available on the internet.

Purchase Comfortable Attire

The last thing you want is to ride your first horse in uncomfortable clothes. It is likely to be a disaster. If you don’t feel snug in your jeans, visit for great tights to wear on the day when the horse riding lesson is scheduled. You can also consider some riding boots and a pair of gloves (optional).

Keep in Touch With Your Instructor

If you have already made up your mind about taking horse riding lessons, hire an instructor, and communicate with them often. Ask them how you can make sure that you make the most of each session. Also, let them tell you the most convenient time to start. It is not ideal for you to show up hours late for your first horse riding lesson.

After riding a horse for the first time, you will discover its thrill, and you will surely do it many other times.