Riding Equipment Basics

Riding equipment in the horse industry is often referred to as horse tack. Some of the equipment is mandatory depending on the type of horse riding activity that is going to be carried out, while other types of tack are considered as accessories or are optional.


Horse saddles are probably one of the most well known types of horse tack. There are different styles but the main categories are English and Western. They have some big differences between them. One of the most noted is there is no horn with the English saddle.


There are different types of bits and these are a device that fits into the horse’s mouth.The reins are attached to the bit so the rider can control the horse.


The bits are not left in the horse’s mouth when they are not going to be ridden. In order to be able to handle them a halter is used instead for the ground handling of the horse. The halter is often used in the early stages of the horse training and prepares them for the bit when the time comes.

This is just a few of the many different types of horse equipment.