Starting a Riding Stable

There are many different ways that a person can become involved with horses. Some of these ways include running a business. One of these types of business is running a riding stable. There are a couple of different routes that one can go with this type of business.

Pleasure Riding Stable

There are a lot of people who are stuck in the big cities and never get the opportunity to participate in pleasure horseback riding. For these people having a riding stable to go to is a great adventure. For the stable owner who wants to run this type of business, it comes with a lot of responsibility. First, there has to be a good selection of healthy horses available to provide the riding services.

The horses chosen for this kind of work have to be good natured and well trained. This means the new stable owner has to take their time and invest wisely in the livestock that is going to be needed.

It is also important to keep increasing the stock as the business grows. Otherwise, the horses being used get overtired. Or if they become sick then the stable owner cannot meet the demands that clients are placing on them.

Training Riding Stable

In most cases, the training riding stable comes with more responsibility and additional costs. However, the potential income may be greater as well. In this type of business, the stable owner offers different types of riding training programs. These can involve the different types of riding activities or they can just be one speciality.

Some riding stables specialize in English riding events like dressage. The business needs to have a good selection of horses that are more appropriate for this kind of riding. Quite often the horses have to be specifically trained. Then the next level of training pertains to the riders themselves.

One area of extra cost is having to hire trainers unless the stable is going to be kept small and the owner is going to take on this responsibility. This is time-consuming and usually, both group and private lessons are offered.

Both types of stable may also want to offer boarding services which also generates extra income. But, this also generates extra work for the stables. The horses have to be fed and cared for and there is the cleaning of stalls.

A good amount of property may also be required depending on the size of the riding stables.