Is Show Jumping for You?

As an experienced rider, you might wish to learn new skills, and an exciting option is show jumping. You do need to be able to handle a horse over jumps, as typically, there will be between 12 and 15 obstacles to navigate. The scoring system is quite simple, as essentially, you are given penalties for knocking down an obstacle or if your horse stalls and refuses to jump. The rider with the lowest score in the quickest time wins.

Show Jumping Attire

One of the more unusual aspects of this sport is the need to look the part, and specific clothing is required. You will need riding boots, breeches and a white shirt. A tight-fitting jacket is also necessary, which may cause you some concern if you are unhappy with your body shape. You could consider round breast implants with a natural appearance to improve your self-esteem. The recovery period is relatively short, so you can soon enjoy your riding again!

The Different Jumps

The jumps are surprisingly quite tall and can be over 5 feet high. You need the strength to encourage your horse to jump this far, and you may be worried that your round breast implants could hinder you in some way. Thankfully, the experienced surgeons at Motiva really know their business, and your riding ability will not be affected in any way. The most significant challenges in this sport are the water jumps, usually seen in Olympic competitions.

Show jumping is not for everybody, but if you are confident in controlling a horse over different obstacles, then it might be worth learning this new skill. You might even enjoy the dressing up aspect!

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