The Basics of Riding Horseback

Horseback riding is a favourite past time for many people of both genders and all ages. It is something that is done for many different reasons. Some do it as a form of leisure. Others do it as a sport. Then there are some that do it to earn money.

While horseback riding is generally easy to do there are some basics that must be learned first to ensure the safety of both the horse and rider.

Choosing the Right Horse to Ride

The first important step is choosing the right horse to ride. Not all horses are acceptable to having someone get on their back. Horses that are acceptable for riding no matter which type of riding, have been trained for this. When choosing the horse to ride it should be based on what type of riding experience you want. Plus, what the horse you have in mind is capable of.

Horses vary in their nature. Some with be spunky and full of energy and will require more control. Others will be more placid. You need to determine what your riding skills are and make your choice based on this.

The Right Approach to the Horse

Once you have decided on the horse you are going to ride then you need to approach them properly so you can get them ready for the ride. The approach should be made from the front of the horse and in a calm manner. You will need a lead rope to bring the horse to the area where you are going to put the proper equipment on the horse for the ride. This is the applicable tack that is based on the type of riding that you are going to be doing.

Know the Safety Rules

There are set rules for horse riding that must be followed. These are important for keeping the rider safe as well as the horse.

Wearing the Proper Riding Equipment

Not only does the horse have to be dressed in the proper equipment, so does the rider. This too will depend on the kind of riding that is going to be perfomed. At the very least this will include a helmet. Proper riding boots are also important. These are important as riding boots help the rider to keep their feet in the proper position in the stirrups of the saddle. Some riders like to wear chaps which helps to protect their clothing and provides a more comfortable position in the saddle. This will depend again on the type of riding and is usually more prominent in western riding.

You also need to know the rules and regulations of the establishment that is allowing you the opportunity to ride. This may be a rding stable or a show establishment.