Three Tips for Horse-Riding in the Rain

If you are a horse-riding enthusiast, you know that any time is perfect for a ride, and not even rain can deter you. But the biggest question is always, is it safe to ride in the rain? Can your horse endure the wet conditions without getting stressed?

Well, horses are very tough and will endure a torrential downpour with ease. However, venturing out in the rain is not the same as riding on a beautiful day. To ensure you enjoy a rainy day on your horse, here are three helpful tips.

You should firstly consider how to protect yourself from the downpour. In as much as it can be adventurous riding in wet conditions, you can quickly catch a cold, or even worse, exacerbate your asthma or get pneumonia. Also, you need to be comfortable by not allowing rain to get inside of your clothing. With that in mind, you need to invest in the right protective gear. The first thing to recommend is horse-riding raincoats, designed to prevent the downpour from getting in. You also need to get a different type of glove, something that is not too thick that might hold in water. Also, look out for good, waterproof boots that will keep away the rain, and make you comfortable.

The same way you have specialized gear for riding in the rain, there is also some special clothing for horses. The first essential is a waterproof cover, and here, you have a lot of options from standard fleeces to full neck rain sheets. They are designed to shield your horse from the rain and help to keep them warm. Some horses may feel a little bit nervous when their heads are hit with raindrops. You can opt for a cap that fits on the ears, and this will help ease the tension.

Even though getting the right equipment for wet conditions is fundamental, how you maintain it after use determines its durability. Make sure you dry the equipment immediately when you return because materials like leather can be significantly damaged when soaked. First, clean all the dirt, and then put them in a place where they can dry faster. If possible, you can use a dryer to speed up the drying process.

These three are the most important things to remember when riding in the rain. However, it is critical to know when it’s time look for shade especially when it’s raining heavily, with winds and thunderstorms. While horses may tolerate the most torrential downpour, winds greatly affect them, and they can be spooked by thunder and lightning.