How Horse Riders Can Maintain Healthy Skin

Our skin is regularly exposed to the elements, with those who ride horses being particularly exposed to the outdoors and all of the impacts that can have on the skin. Varying weather conditions such as wind, rain and direct sunlight can all take their toll on our skin. This means that weather young or elderly, horse riders should be particularly aware of the importance of an effective skincare routine. Continue reading this article for a guide on how horse riding fans can best take care of their skin.


The major part of any skincare routine will be cleansing, paying particular focus to the centre of the face for those who ride horses regularly. Jockey’s and recreational horse riders will be wearing safety clothing, including a helmet, which results in the centre of the face being almost exclusively exposed to the elements of the weather as they’re high up in the saddle. Sun burn and dry skin can be partkcular problems for horse riders, as well as dirt buildup and toxins from being on the back of a horse and directly riding into the wind. Cleansing the face effectively will, as the name suggests, help clean the face of any dirt build up and leave it feeling nice and fresh. A toner can also be used to help tighten the skin and close pores after cleansing, helping to keep dirt out and keeping the skin looking younger for longer.


Following a suitable cleansing and toning routine, horse riders should moisturise; assisting in replacing any lost moisture and locking it in to keep the skin soft and healthy. Horse riders are often high-up and facing directly into sunlight, resulting in a potential for sunburn and dry skin conditions on the face. By implementing a moisturising routine, it can prevent the skin from drying out and looking flaky.

Horse riders should also be mindful of wearing high factor suncream, especially whilst riding. Even if the weather doesn’t look particularly sunny, it’s always wise to wear suncream as a precaution. Verso Skincare are able to provide a whole range of skincare products that can be effectively implemented into a skincare routine. Horse riders should take the questionnaire on the Verso Skincare website, which allows for appropriate products to be suggested based on skin type and what the products are primarily needed for. Verso Skincare are a convenient way of starting a skincare routine, with the products being delivered fuss-free right to your house. Moisturisers, cleansers and toners are all available through the popular brand; keeping all needs covered.

Overall, horse riders should always be mindful of keeping to an effective skincare routine. Cleansing morning and night before and after bed is a good place to start, with a moisturiser that works for your skin type being essential for restoring any moisture that may have been lost whilst horse riding.