Tips for Arthritic Horse Riders

As an equestrian, you probably wonder for how long you can remain in this sport. Whether this is your first time riding or it’s something you have done for a while, you might be questioning whether it is physically possible for you.

Horse riding is a beneficial activity as it builds balance and core strength. However, some conditions like osteoarthritis can pose a challenge. This is an age-related condition that can be managed by taking a healthy osteoarthritis diet, exercising, and sleeping well.

If you want to continue the horse-riding sport even at your old age, then these are some tips on how to do it.

Use Rope Reins

If your hands are stiff or weak, it becomes difficult to grip the traditional leather reins. You can rely on thick ropes reins as these are more comfortable to your hand and will not slip through your fingers easily. Try clip-on reins that are 10 feet long and 5/8 inches in diameter.

Try a Dressage Saddle

The Dressage saddles are popular among trail riders as well as horse ballet for their lightweight and supportive build. Dressage saddles reduce the strain on your ankles and knees. It provides support while riding with knee-friendly long straps.

Experiment with Leather Stirrups

The English inch-wide stirrup leather puts less twist on the knees compared to the wider stiffer Western stirrups. Genuine leather is the most commonly used but synthetic leather stirrup is the best as it doesn’t stretch when in use. Most have a single layer which means they are lightweight and less resistant to curving around your shin.

Try Different Stirrups

Stirrup irons come in a variety of options and designs allowing you to choose what works well for you. You can choose from paddled or wide treads including endurance models created to offer comfort when riding long distances.