What to Wear When Horseriding in the Rain

Who said that you can’t ride your horse in the rain? Well, if you never knew, a downpour adds some adrenaline to the action, but only if you wear the right apparel. In this article, we have shared vital clothing to wear when horseriding in the rain.


A riding jacket is the most important item when riding in the rain or stormy weather. Equestrian rain jackets are the best here, but if you have waterproof jackets and storm ponchos from sportswear brands such as Aimn or other items that can protect you from the cold and the downpour, you are still good to go. Just make sure that whatever you step out with doesn’t allow water inside it.


When it comes to legwear, you will need water-resistant breeches that can be worn with simple tights or leggings. You can also consider equestrian coveralls as long as they don’t make you feel uncomfortable when on your horse.

Other than the above two items, get a pair of gloves, a hat or a hood and probably goggles.

And it’s not just about you; also consider the comfort of your horse. You can get a water-resistant rug to protect it from the rain, and probably horse boots and bandages to enhance stability and support in muddy puddles.